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SSB CRACK | 11 Killer Tips to Crack SSB Interview


SSB CRACK (Services Selection Board )

11 Killer Tips to Crack SSB Interview

SSB CRACK I knew how important it is for all of you to clear the SSB in one go and join the SSB. After receiving many requests from the reader and I finally decided to help you to guys by providing some useful SSB study material!!

The candidate who is going to attend the SSB interviews for Army, Air force and Navy can download the SSB preparation material books & eBooks in PDF format from the links given below preparation material consists of  WAT, TAT, SRT, SD, PPDT, GTO and personal interviews books& eBooks. These SSB interview books and eBooks would help to you clear the SSB Interview. There are many candidates using our  SSB preparation & AFSB interview.

SSB interview is conducted by the Services Selection Board for the recruitment of officers.SSB interview is a five days process that includes two stages of testing. Only one, when a candidate clear stage I testing goes for Stage II testing .lets talk more about Define SSB interview and what are the different SSB board and tests are conducted by them. If you want to be an officer in Army, Navy or Air force then you have to attend SSB interview and clear it followed by our medical examinations.

Some Facts about SSB interview

Candidate is accessed by Psychologist, interview officer & GTO.

  • Pass rate is very less in SSB interviews.
  • SSB Board checks for QLQs in a candidate.
  • SSB interview is more kind of personality test.
  • One of the longest interview process.
  • One of the toughest interview in the country.

SSB interview is the gateway for becoming an officer in Indian Army, Navy, and Airforce.No matter that how much you’re brilliant that it is the SSB interview which decides whether you’re fit for serving as an officer in defences forces of India.

Most of the aspirant appears in the SSB interview without preparation. Many of the candidates are asked to appear for the interview and if they have officers like Qualities in them, then they will be automatically get selected by the selection board. But this is completely a wrong notion.

SSB interviews is an interview in place for selecting the future officer and leaders to the defence forces.One can’t blindly appeared for the SSB interviews thinking about that one will get selected if he has all qualities. It is just as if you’re appearing for written exam without even knowing the patterns and syllabus of the Exam.


One may still to pass the exam but it is all depends upon the luck. If one of is prepared for the Exam by knowing blue prints of question paper & pattern of question asked in the Exam then one will be definitely stay ahead of others.

Same applied to the SSB interviews too. It is one for those aspirants who rely on the luck. But SSB interviews is for those candidates who came prepared for all the test.

Download the SSB interview procedure to save your may not have internet for all the times. with download books, one can goes through the study material anytime for referring and clearing the doubt .PDF are a handy way to store the documents and downloading the PDF on SSB interview procedures then you will be able to stores the important documents in your mobile for later study.

Top 11 Technique to Crack SSB Interview

If you have cleared the written NDA examination then you have to appeared for SSB or Service Selection Board interview.

As we know that SSB is the toughest interview for any services in this country. Only a few of the candidate are able to crack this interview in the first attempted.

First day : Screening Test

For verbal & non verbal IQ test you need to great presence of mind.I would advised that you to practice a lot of course material available in the market which is really good. You can take those competitive book & practice.

Then for picture perception & description again you need to practice. It needs a lot of time to start with the competitive exam books available in your local market.

Technique NO 2: As far as PABT is concerned it is only for pilots .so, it is tougher than previous IQ tests. So, it need some god gift skill plus little bit of luck.

Second day: Physiological Test

Technique No.3: For TAT you’re need to great comprehension skill. You also have to develop great analysed power. For this, you need to give some time to reading passage and answering question related to it. A lot of candidate find it very difficult because they lack of concentration power. So get this is right and practice a lot.

Technique No.4 : SDT is all about explain yourself. You must able to expressed yourself. For this, you need better understanding of yourself. So you can try to talks yourself in front of a mirror and practice.

Technique No.5 : WAT is all about vocabulary and able to put word together in right time and right order. You need to great sense of assimilation. So that learn to play with words and using in right context. It will be test your assimilation power.

Technique no.6 : SRT again to need metal alert or great presence. You have to make the right decision at the right point of time. you need to answer question which are asked in particular Scenario. To clear this test I advice you to meet peoples and talk with them. Attend to the seminar and answer question of the audience. This is the best way to cleared this exam.

 Third Days: Group testing officer’s test & Interview

Technique No.7: In this round checks communication skills that you must be able to communicate team and present your ideas or thought in clear manner.

Technique No.8 : For military planning exercise you need to have a military have to find the solution of war game like need to know this before hand and only then you can cleared this test otherwise it will difficult to clear.

Technique No.9: In this round group task be performed you have to work in a are able to great leadership quality as well as team work quality. Again this is also test to your team work capability.

Technique no.10: For individual lecturer, your individuality would be test. Leading from the front is the first quality that you must possess.

Fourth Days: Group testing officer Test & Interview

In this round have to clear all command and group tasks. here you have to prepared for grilling and show your real mental prepared.

Fifth Day : Conference & Result declaration

Here the Final day you do not have to do anything. Just you have to wait for the results .There will be a closing addressed by the officials there.

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