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Softaculous Install WordPress

Softaculous Install WordPress

Softaculous is a very easiest application installer that automatic setting up the various management system. In this cases, if you install word press and its database after just a few time to use Softaculous. It’s a quick and easy way to set up a website without having a learn a single line of codes.

In today’s, it’s a very demanded software for promoting your website and begin to build something spectacular. WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that is available to install using cPannel.

It’s cPanel free for Softaculous Apps Installer. In this section, we know about the how to install Word press using Softaculous. In these days, For Word press user is needed of a fast hosting solution, we know that now a day we have a word press hosting package that has your need for speed and reliability.

WordPress Installation Process Through Softaculous

Step 1. Logging into your cPanel.

Step 2. You go to the software section and then click the Softaculous icon.

Install WordPress Through Softaculous


Step 3. You click the WordPress logo. That is open on a screen with several options displayed; here you will see a screen with Install, Overview, feature, and import. To click on the Install link.

Install WordPress Through Softaculous


Step 4. Here, you will fill in the WordPress installation details. It is necessary information you needed to fill it.

Software Setup Section

  1. Choose the WordPress Version – Select the version to install your WordPress.
  2. Protocol – If your site has SSL, then select the HTTPS protocol. or not select HTTP.
  3. Domain – Select the domain name you want to install your WordPress.
  4. In Directory – You leave the blank to install on the domain directly []. If you are installing a subfolder of your site put the folder [].

Install WordPress Through Softaculous


Softaculous Install WordPress

Site Settings Section

  1. Enter Site Name – Enter your site name/title for your website.
  2. Site Description – Enter your site description. The description is a tagline for your website.

Install WordPress Through Softaculous

Admin Account Section

  1. Enter Admin Username – Enter your admin username for your WordPress dashboard login.
  2. Admin Password – Enter your admin password for your WordPress dashboard login.
  3. Admin Email – Enter your admin email id.

Install WordPress Through Softaculous

Choose Language Plugin(s)

  1. Select Language – Select your language for your WordPress dashboard login.
  2. Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer) – Protect your WordPress dashboard login.
  3. Classic Editor – Classic Editor for post editor.

Install WordPress Through Softaculous

Advanced Options Section

  1. Database Name – Type the name of the database to be created for the installation.
  2. Table Prefix – Enter your database table prefix.

Install WordPress Through Softaculous

Select Theme & Install Section

  1. Select Theme – Theme is optional. If not selected, the default theme will be installed.
  2. Install – Finally, Click & Install WordPress.

Install WordPress Through Softaculous


Step 5. Softaculous will check the submitting data and install the files to your server for the WordPress.

Click Return to Overview.

Then you will see your WordPress installation in the Current Installation list.

Install WordPress Through Softaculous


Step 6. Finally, you visit your site in your browser. You should see a new WordPress install like the snapshot to the right.

Install WordPress Through Softaculous

Softaculous is a 3rd party auto installer for different control panels such as Plesk, Direct admin, and cPanel, which allows installing more than 200 application and the script just a few clicks. And it also includes the features for installing the installed applications through Softaculous.

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