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    I personally use Seven incredible ways to drive more traffic generating to my site. Be sure to use each of the following Seven traffic generation tips:

    1.Content Marketing:

    That’s what people should say about you. Internet marketing is definitely one of the main ways to generate traffic. You can write blog posts, create videos on youtube, use Instagram, Facebook and chat with stories too, create downloadable pdfs or ebooks, and more.

    The more content you produce, the more people can find you. Share your site link in all your bios.

    2.Long Tail Keywords:

    Have you got the rules of keywords with high commercial intent? Then it’s time to target long tail keywords as well. Long-term keywords are the majority of web searches, which means that if you’re not targeting them as part of paid search or SEO efforts, you’ll lose.

    3.Article Marketing – Write articles and distribute them on different platforms, and then link back to your website. This not only drives traffic, but also builds backlinks.

    4.Social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest. All these social networks must be targeted and you must start building an audience immediately.

    5.Speed ​​of Website:

    Make sure your site is running fast. We all know that users will not wait more than a few seconds of seconds to upload their pages. To load your pages faster, remove spam in your post. This is one of the simple techniques on page optimization.

    6. Keyword Search: Search engines search for specific keywords that may appear on their results page. When you do this, having the right keyword and keyword is a great requirement in ranking in high search engine results. You can write your own content, or you can hire someone to do it for you. TRICK here is to use the most important keywords for your website.

    7.Increasing popularity and links from trusted sites: Through links, search engines can not only analyze the popularity of websites, but also metrics such as trust, spam and power. Trusted sites tend to link to other trusted sites, while unwanted sites receive few links from trusted sources.

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