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NDA Syllabus 2019 Get NDA Exam Latest Syllabus

NDA Syllabus 2019 Get NDA Exam Latest Syllabus

NDA 2019 Syllabus

NDA or National Defence Academy Exam is a national levels Examination organized by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) to recruit Aspirants in Army, Navy & Air force. It has crossed two-tier examination, wherein, the candidates qualifying the written tests will also have to clear the SSB interviews round.

  • Candidates qualifying the written tests are called for NDA SSB interview. Final selection is done on the basis of the overall performance of the candidates.
  • Syllabus of NDA exam is based on CBSE 10+2 & intermediate standards.
  • The Exam consists of 2 sections- Mathematics & General Ability Test. The total duration of Exams is 5 hours combined for both sections.
  • The exam will be every post, applicants must fulfill the complete NDA Eligibility to apply for the exams.
  • NDA I is scheduled for April 21, 2019, & NDA 2 is scheduled for November 17, 2019.

NDA 2019 Syllabus for Mathematics & General Ability Test

UPSC has prescribed NDA 2019 Syllabus.NDA examinations are divided into two papers – Mathematics & General Ability. It aims to judge a candidate on his logical ability & general awareness. NDA 2019 is scheduled to be conducted as on as  April 21, 2019.

  • The question paper of Mathematics & PART B of general Ability tests will be available in both bilingual.
  • After clearing the written tests, candidates have to go through the SSB Interviews. The interviews process will have a total of 900 marks.
  • For every incorrect response, 0.33 marks will be deducted as negative marking in the examinations.
  • The Mathematics papers contain 300 marks while General Ability tests hold 600 marks. The written tests will be of a total of 900 marks.

NDA Mathematics Syllabus

Candidates who are applying for NDA. Before starts a preparation, Candidates should check the Proper syllabus of Mathematics for better preparations. NDA mathematics syllabus is based on 11th & 12th  class. These are few important topics of mathematics syllabus Algebra, Trigonometry, Determinants & matrices and other. Algebra is carrying the highest weightage. Here is the proper syllabus of NDA mathematics syllabus.

  • Algebra :- Concepts of the sets ,operations on sets, Venn diagrams,DE Morgan laws,Cartesian product relation & equivalence relation,Representation of real numbers on a lines,Complex numbers- Basic properties,modulus argument,cube roots of unity,Binary system of numbers,conversion of a number in decimal system into binary system & vice-versa,Airthmetic,Geometric & Harmonic progressions, Quadratic equations with real coefficients, solutions of linear in equations of two variables by graphs,permutation & combination ,Binomial theorem and its application ,logarithms & their applications.
  • Trigonometry: – Angles & their measures in degrees and in radians,Trigonometrical ratios,Trigonometric identities Sum & difference formulae,Multiple & Sub- multiples angles,Inverse trigometric functions,Application –Height & distances, properties of triangles.
  • Matrices & Determinants:- Adjoint & inverse of a square matrix,Application, Basic properties of determinants, Determinant of a matrix, Operations on matrices, Matrices & Determinants.
  • Analytical Geometry:- Eccentricity & axis of a conic, Ellipse & hyperbola, Standard forms of the parabola,Equation of a circle in standard and in general form,Distance of a points from a line, Angle between two lines, Equation of a lines in various forms, Distance formula, Rectangular Cartesian coordinate system.
  • Vector Algebra:- Scalar multiplication of vector, unit & null vectors addition of vectors, magnitude & direction of a vector, vector in two & three dimetandard integnsions.
  • Statistics & Probability :- statistics : classification of data ,frequency distribution,graphical representation- Histogram,pie chart ,frequency, polygon,mean ,mode & median. Variance & standard deviation , correlation & regression.
  • Differential Calculus & Integral calculus:- Integration as inverse of diffination ,Integration by substitution and by parts,standard integral involving algebraic expression,Trigonometric, Exponential and hyperbolic fuctions,General & particular solution of a different equations.

General Ability Tests

Paper 2 in National Defence Academy i.e the General Ability Tests judges a candidates basic awareness & English proficiency. This section is further divided into two parts, English & General knowledge.


  • Marks allotted to this section are 300.
  • The syllabus of the English paper ranges from various aspects like knowledge & Usage of Vocabulary, Comprehension & his mental ability to remember & place the meaning of words.
  • It judges a candidates ability to form correct sentences & use of words.
  • The English portion of the entrance tests is designed in a way to judge a candidates knowledge of grammer & Vocabulary.

General Knowledge

The Questions paper on general knowledge will cover current affairs, the question from Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Social Studies, Geography & Current events.NDA syllabus of each topic is given below. The paper aims to check the Knowledge & intelligent understanding of the subjects.

Physics:- States of matter & its properties, Motion & laws of motion, Work energy & power, Modes of transfer of heats & its effects, current & electricity, magnet & its properties, Lights & Sound.

Chemistry :- physical & chemical changes, Air & water (properties), Chemical equation  & laws of chemical combination, Elements compounds & mixture,Acid, Bases & salts,Fertilizers, Atom & its structure, carbons & its form, properties of oxygen,hydrogen etc. with oxidation & reduction,use of materials for preparations of different chemicals.

General Science:- Basic units of life: cell, living & Non- living things, Epidemics: causes & preventions, solar system, Reproductive in plants & Animals, Human body & life process, Food & Balanced Diet, Achievement of Eminent Scientists.

History:- Indian History: Culture & civilization, Nationalism in India, Five years plans of India, Democracy in India, Constitution & Administration of India, Government of India at various levels, Renaissance & Discovery, United nations & concept of one world, the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi.

Geography:-  Import & Exports of India, Agricultural & Industries, Types of Climates, Rocks & its classification, Earth and its origin & Movement.

Current Affairs Section:- important & Recent events in India, Important Indian or Non-Indian personalities related to cultural Activities & Sports, Current & Important world Events.

NDA 2019 Exam Pattern

National Defence Academy (NDA) 2019 is scheduled for April 21, 2019, .it is an offline examination i.e. pen & paper based test with objective type questions.


Paper 1- Mathematics
Total marks 300 marks
Marks for correct answer 120
Marks deducted for wrong answer -0.85
Exam duration 2.5 Hours


General Ability

Paper II – General Ability
Total Marks 600 marks
Total no. of question 150
No. of question in English Section 50
No. of questions in general knowledge section 100
Maximum marks for English 200 marks
Maximum marks for G.k 400 marks
Marks for correct Answer 4 marks in both sections
Marks for Incorrect Answer -1.33 marks in both section
Exam Duration 2.5 Hours

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