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Top 10 Money Earning Apps in India

Top 10 Money Earning Apps in India 

Money earning apps in India Now a days, money is the more important things that everyone wants in order to live a luxurious life. But How can we earn money? If I want to say that you can easily earn money from mobiles apps in this app store or you can simply buy these apps in-app can earn cash just by using apps for stuff like watching TV, downloading apps, exercise or as simple as taking photos.

Most of the best ways through which you can make money with the use of your Android phone. You should try out of these the apps and start earning.

9 Best Money Earning apps in India.

1. YesMobo

It is No. 1 work from Home App in India. It’s simple to share Ads with your Friends & Relatives on WhatsApp and make money online. Now you can make money by just sharing YesMobo advertisers ads with your friend and want to know it exactly how this app Works. When you shared an ad with anyone on WhatsApp and if those persons click on the links given in the ad copy then you will earn Rs 1. .If you shared on the ad with 100 friends and out of the 80 friends clicked on the link that gives in the ad copy, in this case, you will earn Rs.80.If you can share new ads daily with your friends and relatives on WhatsApp and make handsome money.This app issue payment on 10th of each month. It is a very user-friendly interface and anyone can join and earn.

2. IQ Option

It’s a kind of digital currency which has no physical entity and exist in the form of’s popularity is increased day by day due to its rising value. Bitcoin is the best example of this currency and then the value of Bitcoin has been risen from 6 rupees to 4 lakhs in just a year more and more peoples crave to buy it owned to its rising value.IQ option is the best apps which act as middlemen to buy Bitcoin. You can buy a Bitcoin starting from 1$ with the help of this app.

3. Cash Pirate

Cash pirate is an also used to earn money by watching videos, complete given surveys and downloading the apps like frontier defense, goat Sim madness, Spots connect etc.which are promoted by its.the owner of these apps pay cash pirate for promoting their app,more the no.of people downloading these apps, higher would be the amount paid to cash pirate. In order to make this challenge happen it lure people to download these apps by giving several offers for download and browsing.

4. mCent

mCent is an earning money app and get your recharge for free, from the point earned by you using this app.mCent promotes different apps like Flipkart, Amazon, indeed, Voonik etc. and you are supposed to download these apps and browser through them. Besides downloading this app you can watch its promoted videos, fill a questionnaire and invites your friend to make money from the apps. So grab this opportunity to earn money and earn much as you can.

5.ESPN Streak for the cash

This app as a lottery which is available for both Android and IOS users. In this app, if you earn then you always win BIG. Under this app that you need to predict every week the winner of a sports competition and the person who did correct prediction ultimate win a grand prize. In this case, if you can think that you have the correct skills to predict the outcomes of the match.then do not let your knowledge be a waste on completion of the streak prediction you can win over $ 1.2 million in the yearly prize.

6. Use the app pact

This app is known as pact which is available for both iOS and Android. Under these apps, you have to set your goals according to your capacity and have to achieve them, and once you are done with your goals you can easily earn money with your Android apps. This apps works if you set your goals based on your capacity and you achieve them, you are well on and your way makes some money with your Android Phones. But in this case, if you’re not able to complete those goals which are set by you then, in that case then you will need to pay out to other users who are achieving their goals.

7. Google’s Opinions Reward

This fact that from the company which owns the Android operating system that comes a wonderful app is called Google Opinion Rewards that is available only for Android. In this apps that you have to simply answer quick surveys and you can instantly earn google play credit along with Google Opinion rewards but no cash this is an app created by the Google Surveys team like downloading Android apps, Movies, Music, Books etc. from the play stores.

The movement you can install and sign up, Google will give you around 20-30 Survey every week in order to complete in which you need to give your opinion along with proper reviews about that the product which in turn will be given to the different companies for insight. The amount varies from a few 0.1 cents to 2 dollars. But the main things is that you need to note is this that the service is from google whom you can easily trust and try with even can try with eye closed.

8. Moo Cash

Before installing apps a question is arises that what’s MooCash? In that case, their answer to be MooCash is an app which allows you to earn cash rewards just by simply using your Android Phone or tablets simply by using the screens locker. If when you install these apps and games you can easily earn money then just complete a survey or even refers to your friend. To make money when you install apps and games to complete a survey or even refer your friend .then you can earned rewards for free mobile recharge, pay scale Cash, gift card and reload game wallet. Thus, it is very simple easy and fun in order to make money and earned cash on your phone.

9. SquadRun

It is an interesting app which is available for use by anyone from India. In this that you have to simply select a task from different tasks and then you have to complete it in ordered to earn SquadCoins. These squadCoins can be used in place redeemed for payUmoney points or even you can send this to your Paytm wallet is an option of transferring the money to your bank accounts from the Paytm wallet is also there. In these apps, tasks are known as mission and you can complete all these tasks in your free time. In order to verify this accounts that you need to create it using Facebook and do not forget to verify your mobile’s number in ordered to get the better-paid comparison with others to just when you will join this app you will earn 600 Squadrons.

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