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Highest CPC Keywords in India

Highest CPC Keyword of 2019 in India.

Buy Google Adsense High CPC Keywords List of 2018 in India, now you can earn double in Adsense. If you use this keyword in your blog post, you want to get ‘Adsense High CPC’ then this article will help you a lot.

It is the best way to earn money from your blogs if you have not Adsense account then you can Buy Adsense Account.

Sometimes it gives 50$ per click but you need to use high CPC keyword which is expensive and highest paying keyword. I write an article about the same topic where I have shared all highest CPC Adsense keyword list and today again I’m going to post top Adsense High CPC Keyword list of 2018 in India.

Adsense have many advertisers some of them pay 100$ to Google and Google pay 50$ to the publisher as per click but you must nee to search highest paying ads on your blog, so you get highest paying ads to display on your blog post .so, you have to use Google Adsense High CPC Keywords.

Highest CPC keyword

If you are making and run Indian blog we will not get high CPC in the beginning so you can also try ‘Affiliate network ‘which is best and traffic is to be good.

A big problem Now days, Many beginner blogger not researching any keyword so they search about how to increase traffic, how to boost Adsense earning, so please remember you write article by searching keyword then definitely you will get high traffic and able to earn lots of dollar through Adsense, you just need to choose perfect keyword before you write an article.

Most of the time Adsense show ad related focus keyword, suppose that you are written an article related to the affiliated marketing topic then Adsense will show the ad to related affiliated marketing on your blogs.

In the same thing you have to do, you have written an article high CPC Keyword so that Adsense will show highest paying ad on your blogs and you will be able to earn the highest cost per click.

List of Google Adsense High CPC keywords of 2018 in India

Keywords CPC
World Trade Footage center $95.02
Register free Domain $92.03
Sell Annuity payment $105.46
Personal Injury Lawyers $66.53
Personal Injury law firm $60.56
Health Records $40
Hard drive Data recovery service $98.59
Donate old cars to charity $94.55
Forex trading platform $20
Forensics online course $93.51
Email bulk service $92.55
Car insurance quotes PA $92.88
Home phone Internet Bundle $93.32
Royalty free Images stock $92.76
Online college $95.65
Neuson $92.89
Online classes $95.06
Insurance Companies $52
Life Insurance Co Lincoln $97.07
Mesothelioma Law Firm $179
Online criminal Justice Degree $60.4
Data Recovery Raid $73.22

Now you may ask a question about how to increase earning by using the above keyword? Let me tell that if you use the above keyword then you can earn more at less click.

How to increase Adsense earn by using High CPC Keyword?

Normally, you can get 5$ by 60 per clicks or a little bit more so here you will get CPC only $0.5which is low, but  if you got $1 CPC then you can get earn 60$ at the same click and in the same traffic.

Suppose that if you get earn $2 CPC per click then how much you can earn

  • 2*60 equals 120$ per day
  • 7*120 equals 840$ per day
  • 120*30 equals 3600$ per day

So I hope that you understand how can easily increase your Adsense earning by using Google Adsense High CPC Keyword.

New High CPC Keyword in Adsense.

Many keywords available in Adsense. Check the good keyword which you think can write an article with this topic is to start writing your blogs

  • Automobile Insurance Quotes($50)
  • Asbestos lawyers($105.84)
  • Asbestos Lung Cancer($60.96)
  • Auto accident attorney($75.64)
  • Annuity settlement($100.72)
  • Automobile Shipping quotes($50)
  • Automobile Accident Attorney($76.57)
  • Best criminal Lawyers in Arizona($97.93)
  • Car Insurance Companies($58.66)
  • Business VOIP solutions($51.9)
  • Car accident lawyers ($75.17)
  • Car donates($88.26)
  • Better conference call($91.44)
  • Car insurance Quotes($61.03)
  • Donate a car in Maryland($98.51)
  • Cheap car insurances for ladies($92.23)
  • Dedicated Hosting($53)
  • Dayton Freight Lines($99.39)
  • Donate cars Illinois($98.13)
  • Cheap Auto Insurance in VA($93.84)

Now the main problem arises that most of blogger don’t know how to use keywords in the blog post, you will also try this here so that you no need to ask anyone else about it.

How to Improve Adsense CPC

IF you can use Semrush or Ahrefs to find good CPC volume keyword, but both tool available for the paid version, you can also use ‘Google Keyword Planner’ which is free of cost for everyone.

  • First of all, you can search for good keyword
  • That’s time to start writing a post with that keyword.
  • Write a post within minimum 300+ words
  • Use the keyword up to 3-5 times in an article
  • Finally published the articles and you have done your job.

Now lets us see on your blog, you will see ad related keyword using on that post.

So, Google Adsense High CPC Keywords use to increase your Adsense earning, you can also check out Adsense Self Click Tricks.

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    Really amazing article. Thanks for sharing such useful information related to CPC and technology.

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    Thank you so much. Hope this post will help bloggers to enhance their earning.

  13. March 13, 2019 at 1:01 PM


    First of all thanks for this amazing list of high CPC keywords you’ve included.

    I saw many people who have thousands of views but don’t get much revenue from Adsense. On the other hand, some people make easily make $1000 from Adsense with just a few hundreds of views.

    Well, actually it totally depends on the keyword.

    If you target buying intent keyword or high CPC keywords the Adsense will definitely increase.

  14. March 15, 2019 at 7:02 AM

    Thank you sharing this post very Helpful post

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