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GMAT SYLLABUS | Graduate Management Admission Test


GMAT Syllabus 2019 |Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT stands for Graduate  Management Admission Test. This Exam is taken on GMAT(Graduate Management Admission Test). It is a computer adaptive standardized test that is used as one of the entrance criteria for admissions to B-school across the world. In MBA aspirants from around the world taken the GMAT to show case their analytical reasoning and data- handling skills.

GMAT has the following test format is given below:-

Section:- Analytical Writing Assessment

  • Question-1
  • Time taken-30 min.

Section:-Integrated Reasoning

  • Question:-12
  • Time taken-30 min.

Section:- Quantitative Reasoning

  • Questions-31
  • Time taken-62

Section:- Verbal Reasoning

  • Question-36
  • Time taken:-65 min.

The GMAT examination lasts for approximate 3 hours and 30 min. then if you choose to take the two optional 8 minutes break.candidate have to the flexibility to choose the order in which they wish to attempt the exam.GMAT scores range from 200-800. To take and look at the latest GMAT syllabus 2018-2019 and make sure that you’re headed in the right direction with your GMAT preparations.

Section 1: Analytical Writing Assessment

This section has a taken 30 minutes essay which includes:-Analysis of an Argument.

  • First of all, Examine and analyze the given argument.
  • Figure out the reasoning behind an argument and write the criteria of the same.
  • Work out to a methodical approach to present your answer
  • To considered various viewpoints.
  • To support your answer with appropriate examples and explanations.
  • To be sure that of the right grammar usage while presenting your answers.

In the scores, of these sections are on a six-point scale. Your essay is given two independent rating and then an average is considered.

One of these scores is done by the automated essay-scoring engines. If the differences between both the ratings are more than get one point and then a third would rating would be provided by an expert reader which would then be the final scores.

Some of the few Tips don’t forget to write an article in Exam.

  1. Take a stand
  2. Structure your essay
  3. Don’t think about switching
  4. Provide Example
  5. Stay focused
  6. Avoid grammatical/spelling errors

Section 2:- Integrated Reasoning

In the new section of the GMAT was introduced in June 2012 .it has asked 12 questions with 30 min. to answer this section. this section has replaced one of the Analytical Writing Assessment essays. In these sections, the score is on a scale of 1 to 8.

In this section test to how to use of your analytical skills to solve a complicated problem.if you are provided with data in various forms.

In this section judge to your skill depends on being able to handle the data, pick out the information that is relevant and then choose the right answer. In each question ,you’re expected to provides multiple answers from the choice provided. This section has four different question type:

  • Two-part Analysis: In this part, you have a Question and multiple choice provided. The answer in a table form has two component occupy the first two columns and the answer option in the third column. All of the option provided then you have to choose only one option under each component to complete one answer.
  • Multi-source Reasoning:- here you have to gather information by clicking on the various tabs(2-3) provide. The data available may be presented either as text or in the forms of charts, tables. The answer may be in the yes /no, true/false format or as a multiple choice option.
  • Graphics Interpretation:- In this part, you have given a graph or a graphical image. You are expected to interpret the graph and complete the statement given by choosing one of the options from the pull-down menu.
  • Table Analysis:-Here,you’re provided with a load of information in a table format .the question asked to expect you to pick the answer from yes/no, true/false with multiple statements to answer under each question.

Quantitative Reasoning:-

In this section of the GMAT has questions that can be grouped into two types: problem-solving & Data Sufficiency. These topics are traditionally grouped under:

  • Word problem:- Data interpretation,measurement problems, geometry problems, profit & Loss, Discount, Simple interest & Compound interest,Mixture,Time& work ,rate etc.
  • Geometry:- Coordinate geometry, Solids, circles, polygons, lines & angle.
  • Algebra:- Functions & exponents,Absolute value, inequalities,equation.
  • Arithmetic:- discrete probability, counting method, ratio & proportion,sets,percentage, decimals, fractions, numbers their powers & roots.

Verbal Reasoning:-

In This section measures your ability to read and comprehend written content and to reason and evaluate the argument. Three types of verbal reasoning questions are given below:-

  • Sentences correction – verb form,theoretical construction, parallelism,logical predication,idiom, grammatical construction,diction,questions are categorised into agreement.
  • Critical Reasoning:- question check you on argument construction, argument evaluation & formulating/evaluating a plan of action.
  • Reading Comprehension-Here a question asks you to refer to a passage of up to 350 words and answer question based on the main idea, supporting ideas, inferences, context, style, and tone etc.

GMAT Admission Procedure 2018-2019

After qualifying the examination no GMAT counselings will be conducted for providing admission into management programme. Candidate can use the GMAT score card to get admission into various management colleges. The GMAT Scores card will be valid for a period of 5 years. The GMAT admission procedure is different for different college. The GMAT admission process is:-

After the completion of the GMAT examination candidate score will be displayed on the screen. If the candidate accepts the score and the score report will be sent to the top B-Schools which match as per the candidates MBA course criteria .candidate can take the print out of their official scores from the test centers where he/she appears the test.

On the basis of the scores, the B-Schools will be shortlisted the candidate. The final selection will be made on the basis of several procedures such as application form, academic background, work experience, letters of recommendation, statements of purpose and final interviews.

Most of the management Institution using GMAT assign not more than 20-30% weight age when evaluating the candidate and shortlisting for interviews.GMAT scores will be accepted for pre-experience management programme and posts experience management programmes (MBAs) at business schools across the world.

Document Required at the time of Admission

The candidate is required to presents the given documents during GMAT admission:-

  1. Qualifying Examination(mark sheet and passing certificate)
  2. GMAT score-cards
  3. Category certificate
  4. ID proofs
  5. Migration /Transfer Certificate
  6. Passport size photograph.

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