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Clat Exam Syllabus

CLAT Syllabus 2019 –Common Law Admission Test

CLAT Syllabus for Common Law Admission Test(CLAT) includes English, Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Current Affairs, GK, Current affairs and Gk syllabus constitutes of 50 marks each. English including comprehensions, logical reasoning is of 40 marks each. Mathematics question is of 20 marks. Overall, the CLAT exams paper is of 200 marks. CLAT 2019 Syllabus given here is for the information of all Law aspirant who will be appeared in the upcoming entrance exam.

CLAT Syllabus :

CLAT organizing body (NLUs) does not give a topic wise CLAT syllabus. On the basis of CLAT paper analysis, the following CLAT Syllabus is Compile for the references of a student. The Syllabus is not final or binding. There is no fixed syllabus for Common Law Admission Test. The board areas of the Exam and topics from which questions are generally asked are explained below.

CLAT Syllabus for LLB is given in detail below. This exam is being divided into five major sections, CLAT Syllabus is given Accordingly.

English – Comprehension – 40 Marks

The English section will be test the candidate’s proficiency in English based on Comprehension passage and grammar. In the comprehension sections, the candidate will be questioned on their understanding of the passages and its Central theme, the meaning of words used therein etc. the grammar section requires correction of incorrect grammatical sentence, filling the blanks in sentences with appropriate word etc.

The CLAT syllabus for English includes proficiency, vocabulary, usage error, comprehension.

English proficiency:-

Fill in the blanks,idioms & phrases,one word substitution,cloze tests,rearrangement of sentences in paragraph,sentence improvement,jumbled sentences.

English vocabulary:-

Analogies, Antonyms, Synonyms.

English Comprehension:-

A paragraph is given. Question are asked from that paragraph. Candidates need to understand what the paragraph says and answer question accordingly.

English usage error:-

Use the correct word, spelling mistakes, spot the error and correct the sentences.

I give advice that CLAT aspirants go through past year papers. Solving CLAT papers will be helped you prepare better for the exams and know the CLAT Syllabus.

Logical reasoning – 40 Marks

Question to logical links, identify the pattern, rectify illogical argument will be in these sections. This particular section will test your ability to solve a wide variety of logical reasoning question such as syllogisms, logical sequences, analogies. CLAT LLB Syllabus includes the problem that solving in logical can refer to a modern Approached to Logical Reasoning by R.S Aggarwal.

Legal aptitude – 50 marks

Study of law, problem-solving ability, and research aptitude. Legal propositions will be described in the paper on which question will be framed. Also a set of facts that which they said the proposition has to be applied. Some proposition may not be true in the real sense. candidates will have to assume the truth of these propositions and answer the question accordingly

Basically, In this section will test the candidates understanding of how legal propositions work.

This section consists of fifty questions. Each question consists of legal propositions, principal and facts. In these principals have to be applied to the given fact that’s to arrive at the most reasonable conclusion.

Such principles may or may not be true in the real sences, yet you have to assume them to be true for the purposes of this section. In other words, to answering the following questions then you must not rely on any principle except the principles that are given here in below for every question.

Further, you must not assume any facts other than those stated in the questions. The objective of this section is to test your interest toward the study of law, research aptitude and problem-solving ability even if the most reasonable conclusion is arrived at may be unacceptable for any other reason. It’s not the object of this sections to the test your knowledge of the law.

You can refer to Legal Awareness and Legal reasoning for the CLAT and LL.B Entrance Examination 4th edition to prepare for CLAT syllabus for legal aptitude.

Elementary Mathematics – 20 Marks

This section will test candidates knowledge on the elementary mathematics up to class Xth

Candidates who have a strong grasp of fundamentals of mathematics will find these sections quite scoring. As long as you avoid silly calculation mistake, a concept related to CLAT maths section is easy. To make sure that you cover these topics in mathematics:

  • Areas & Volumes
  • Interest calculation
  • Discount
  • Profit & Loss
  • Logarithm
  • Ratio & proportion
  • Approximation
  • HCF & LCM
  • Average
  • Surds and indices
  • Decimal & Fraction
  • Roots
  • Number system

General Knowledge and Current Affair – 50 Marks

According to the official CLAT websites, Current affairs and GK syllabus for CLAT are as follow.

As far as general knowledge is concerned then the candidates will be tested on their General Awareness including static general knowledge. Question on current Affairs will test the candidate on their knowledge of current affairs.

If you cover the GK syllabus for CLAT 2019, we suggested you refer to books like Manorma yearbook and pratiyogita darpan. The focus is on the static Gk as well as latest happening. Read the newspaper daily and know that the important news of the past years at least.

Events of nationals, as well as international importance, must be known to you. Also look out for news specifics to science, technology, legal affairs, people, sport & places.

CLAT Exam Pattern 2019

CLAT Exam pattern has seen to no changes over the years >but in this years this exam will be held the national level Examination in pen- paper mode on May 12 . the law entrances exam is conducted separately to enrolled students to 3 years LLB,5 years integrated LLB & LLM program.

The separation of the question paper is set for all the courses, where all have a different structure and level of questions. However In the basis of the basic paper patterns in all CLAT Question paper remains the is given as below:

Duration of examination – maximum time allowed to attempt all question in 2 hours

Types of question:- Objective type question is asked in the CLAT exam.

The medium of exam:- The paper is set in English language only.

Marking Scheme:- 1 marks get for a correct response. There is negative marking of 0.25 marks deducted for an incorrect response.

CLAT preparation Books

Subject:- English

  • Books:- Word Power Made Easy, Objective General English
  • Author:- Norman Lewis, R.S.Aggarwal

Subject:- Mathematics

  • Books:- Quantitative Aptitude for competitive Examination with 6th Edition
  • Author:- R.S.Aggarwal, Abhijit Guha

Subject:- Legal Aptitude

  • Books:- Legal Aptitude for the CLAT
  • Authors:- A.P.Bhardwaj

Subject:- Logical Reasoning

  • Books:- A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning
  • Authors:- R.S.Aggarwal, M.K Pandey

Subject:- General knowledge

  • Books:- Manorama Yearbook 2017, Quick Reference General Knowledge
  • Author:- Mammen Mathew, Edgar Thorpe

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