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CDS Syllabus 2019, UPSC CDS Exam syllabus and Exam Pattern

CDS Syllabus 2019, UPSC CDS Exam syllabus and Exam Pattern

CDS Syllabus 2019

UPSC  has released the CDS exam and his notification.CDS syllabus provide details regarding the topic and subtopic of each section of English, math and general knowledge.

CDS Exam passes 2 phase first of all written examination and interview for intelligence and personality tests. The advance paper of CDS Syllabus is Elementary mathematics will be of ask in Matriculation level. Candidate will be graduated in this paper of an Indian University.

The CDS Exam Syllabus for 2019 is given below as:-

English Syllabus :-

  • Sentence Correction.
  • Jumbled Sentence
  • Fill in the blanks.
  • Find error & omissions
  • English Comprehension.

General Knowledge :- Current affairs or event like politic, Sports, Indian Economy, Daily News etc.

  • Books and their Author.
  • History of Indian and Geography.

Elementary Mathematics :-
Arithmetic’s: Number system

  • Unitary method, percentage, application to simple interest and compound interest, profit and loss, ratio and proportion, variation, time and distance, time and work.
  • Fundamental Operation addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, Square root, decimal, fraction.
  • Natural number, integer, Rational and Real number.

Elementary :-

  • Euclidean algorithm, laws of logarithms, use of the logarithmic table, logarithms to base 10
  • C.M and H.C.F
  • Factorization Theorem
  • Multiple & factor
  • Test of the divisibility by2,3,4,5,9 and 11
  • Prime and composite number
  • Division algorithm

Geometry :- Lines and Angles

  • The theorem on properties of an angle at a point, sides, and angles of a triangle, parallel lines, Congruency of a triangle, similar triangles, concurrence of median and altitude, properties of angle, sides and diagonal of parallelogram, rectangles and square, loci, circles and its properties including tangent and normal
  • Plane and plane figures

Algebra :-
Simple factors, basic operation, remainder theorem, HCF and LCM

  • Set language and set notation, rational expressions, and conditional identities, the law of indices
  • Practical problems leading to two simultaneous linear equation or inequations in two variables or quadratic equations in one variable and their solutions.
  • Simultaneous linear equations in two variables and its solutions.
  • Simultaneous linear equations in two known analytical and graphical solutions.
  • Theory of polynomials, solutions of quadratic equations, relation between its root and coefficient (only real root to be considered)

Trigonometry :-

  • Sine x ,Tangent x, Cosine x when 0<x<90 value of sin X, Cos X and tan X, for X=0,30,60,45,90,180,360
  • Simple trigonometric identities & use of trigonometric tables.
  • Simple cases of height and distance.

Mensuration :-

  • Area of squares, rectangle, triangle, circle, and parallelograms
  • Areas of figures which can be split up into these figures, lateral surface & volume of right circular cones and cylinder, surface area and volume of spheres, surface area and volume of cuboids.

Statistics :-

  • The measure of central tendency.
  • Histograms, pie charts, and bar charts etc.
  • Frequency polygons
  • Graphical representation
  • Collection and tabulation of statically data.

The Syllabus of CDS 2 for admission to Officers Training Academy has to appear for English and General Knowledge test.

CDS Examination pattern for 2019

Those candidates to appear for CDS 1 exam must know the CDS exam pattern 2019.CDS Exam will be in pen and paper mode based exam where the candidate has to appears in written exam, candidates who qualifying written exam are called be service selection Boards for SSB interview of two-stage .stage 1 consist of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) test are pictured perception * Description Test (Ppand DT) whereas stage 2 include Interview, Group testing officers Tasks Psychology test and the conference.

CDS Important Topic of Previous last year

Topic wise Question distribution
General knowledge :-

Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
History 19 Difficult
Geography 22 Analytical based question (moderate)
Economy / Trade 11 Fact Based Question
Polity 20 Easy to Moderate
Ecology 06 Fact Based Question
Science 27 Concept Based Questions
Miscellaneous 15 Fact Based Question

English :-

Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Sentence 20 Easy
Reading 23(5 passage) Moderate
Synonyms 8 Easy
Antonyms 7 Easy
One Word Substitution 5 Moderate
Para–Jumble 10 Easy
Sentences–Jumble 7 Moderate
Spot the Error 20 Easy
Cloze Test 20 Easy

Elementary mathematics:-

Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Geometry 20 Easy BTO Moderate
Clock 2
Set Theory 1 Easy
Trigonometry 14 Easy
Time and Work 3 Moderate to Easy
Mixture 1 Easy
Profit and Loss 1 Easy
Percentage 2 Easy
Simple Interest & Compound Interest 5 Easy
Number System 20 Easy to Moderate
Time Speed & Distance 6 Easy
Mean Median Mode 4 Easy
Algebra 7 Easy to Moderate
Mensuration 14 Easy

Structure of CDS 2019 Examination Pattern

For Admission to Indian Military Academy, Airforce Academy, and Indian Navy Academy.

Subject Duration Max. Marks
English 2 Hours 100
General Knowledge 2 Hours 100
Elementary Mathematics 2 Hours 100
Total 300

For Admission to officers training Academy:

Subject Duration Max. Marks
English 2 Hours 100
General Knowledge 2 Hours 100
Total 200

Important books to refer for CDS Exam 2019

Candidates can refer the best books given below to prepare for CDS exam 2019.

Best book for CDs exam.

English :-

  • Books – objective General, word power made Easy, Grammar Basis
  • Author:-S.P. Bakshi, Norman Lewis, Wren and Martin’s

Elementary mathematics :-

  • Books – Quantitative Aptitude
  • Author – Dr.R.S.Aggarwal

General Knowledge :-

  • Geography and history: NCERT (std 6th-12th), polity, ECONOMY, international relation/event/diplomacy, General Awareness, Newspaper
  • NCERT (std 6th-12th), M.laxmikant, NCERT (11th-12th), pratiyogita Darpan, Manohar Panday, any leading newspaper.


Note: – there will be negative marking and 1/3rd of the marks assigned to the question will be deducted for the wrong answer .so, every candidate are advised not to try guessing the answer.

Tips for CDS Exam Preparation.

  • We should practice mathematics question daily.
  • Try to develop a habit of reading newspaper, magazines, informative blogs, etc to improve vocabulary, understanding of the English language and stay updated with current events.
  • To solve mocks test and previous years question papers.
  • To use the new words you learn in daily communication. This will improve your communication skill for the interview round.
  • You should join a crash course for interview preparation can be useful as you will get an environment to shed off the nervousness and anxiety.
  • Candidate should ensure that they are both mentally and physically fit. It is advice to full body checkup before appearing for the examination .take Regular exercise and healthy eating.
  • Most important that think and act like an army officer.

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