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Advertising With Us


Advertise With Us
First of all, I welcome you at Here, on this page, you will obtain all the necessary details to promote your Products and services. If you are visiting our Website for the first time, let me give you a brief introduction to and me.


About Founders :

Rahul Kumar  Founder of Hussain co-Founder of  Rahul Kumar is a professional blogger and SEO specialist & Shahnawaz Hussain is a professional Software Developer. Both are working since 4 years as a full-time. Know more about me just go through the page.

About : is a website especially focused on providing the best Education Service. This is a new website that begins on October 18, 2018, by Rahul Kumar And Shahnawaj Hussain. This site covers all the guides, such as Exam Result, Health, Computer, Android, Web Technology, Blogging, Money Making, Product Reviews and many more. The main purpose of starting this blog is to help people get relevant and correct information and advice.

We always share detailed Guides and Unique Information with our readers for a better experience.

Status of :

Website Name – Ask Anything At
Niche Covers – SSC Exam Results and Suggestions, Banking Question Answer, gadgets Review, Software Review, General Exam Set Practice, SSC Exam Answer Key,

Alexa Rank – N/A (Worldwide)
Alexa Rank – N/A (India)

the ranking, as it is improving day by day.

Advertising options
We offer the following banners of size 250 × 250, 300 × 250, 728 × 90. All banners will not be rotated, so you will get the best exposure for your brands with 100% impressions in your ads.
Advertising banner available on

250× 250 (Sidebar banner)
300 × 250 (Sidebar banner)
728 × 90 (header banner)

Product reviews : reviews for all products, services or websites, etc. Here join us for very affordable costs. We mostly prefer products related to the niche of our Websites (Softwares, Education Related topics, add-ons, Android applications and many more).


Advertise With Us.

Prices :

Varies according to the advertiser’s products or services. To know the price, write us an email: When requesting a review, simply send us the full details of your products or services.


Our ad policy :

We respect Google and our other advertiser policy. Therefore, if something can be detrimental to our reputation, it will be removed without prior notice.

Do you still have a question?
Just send an email to the following address to get more information or more:

You Can Contact→ Here

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